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We’re the
Coelho Family!

This is our families journey through love, grief and picking up the pieces.

Our family is made up of Katie (me!), Jonathan, Braedyn and Penelope. We started sharing our family’s journey 3 years ago as we navigated Braedyn’s multiple medical conditions which includes Cerebral Palsy. Our goal was to help any other families who had gone through similar situations, and to give them hope. To share our story of being a medically complex family, and how we kept going.

Our life was chaotic, Penny was an infant, Braedyn a two-year-old with special needs. But we loved our chaos. Then Covid-19 happened, our entire family was infected. The kids and I were asymptomatic, but Jonathan became very sick and ended up on a ventilator. He fought hard for 28 days, but ultimately the pandemic stole him from us.

Our rock is gone, but he left behind a goodbye note for the kids and me. His unconditional love went viral and threw us into the public eye.

I am now navigating life without my rock, my best friend and my kids amazing father. I am not sure where we are headed, but I am just trying to navigate this. I’m a hot mess, but a mess on a mission.

This is our families journey through love, grief and picking up the pieces.

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